Overview: We all know that spending time in the midst of nature, be it reading a book in a park, going on a trek with friends or simply relaxing with your family pet, makes us feel relaxed, happy and contented. Animals have the ability to make us open up about our greatest fears and secrets and are increasingly becoming more and more a part of our daily lives as members of the family.

However, we are reportedly at the brink of the 6th mass extinction and are losing flora and fauna at rates faster than ever before.

So what do we stand to lose, personally, with the loss of our natural world? What are the direct benefits that we receive from nature and how do these benefits manifest within our body?

Key Take-Away’s:
We live in an anthropocene world, where man is the center of all activity. We often get caught in a self-centric lifestyle that is high in pressure and very fast moving leading to a lot of mental instability. More people are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, anger etc. than ever before. Interaction with animals increases production of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins and decreases the production of stress hormones like cortisol. Conversely, it is important to note the effect that our thoughts and moods have on the environment around us. We are but one part of a greater unified life. When we spend time with nature, we start to think about the evolution of this larger entity and not just our own evolution.

In order to reconnect with this entity, we must revert back to a life of sensitivity and simplicity. A natural life on the natural path. The life of Sahaj Marg.

Who should attend this webinar
Everyone. This talk is not specific to any age, profession, gender etc.
This is a topic that will interest people of all ages and age groups.
Age bracket can probably be 10 yrs and above.

Divya Krishnan is a student of veterinary medicine with a strong passion for conserving life. She aspires to integrate wildlife conservation and human counselling psychology and work with rescued animals as well as children with developmental disorders using a mutually beneficial therapeutic strategy. She mediates data and research between the scientific community and the general public in the form of concise, captivating articles, which you can find in her blog: www.wildlifeforpeopleforwildlife.wordpress.org.

She is a social worker with a passion for humanitarian causes, especially working with underprivileged and disabled children. A heartfulness trainer since 2017, Divya’s main vision is to utilize the tool of the meditative practice to help people reconnect with their inner self and consequently reconnect with Nature, the larger source from which we all stem.

Join us on April 21st 2018 at 7:30 PM IST, 10:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM GMT
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